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One of those things we have to put up with in life is insurance. Like death and taxes, this unavoidable expense is part of owning an old car. The fortunate part for owners of classic cars, hot rods and antiques is that we, as a class, are about the safest drivers around. We generally drive pretty carefully to protect our rides from, not only the other crazy drivers out there, but also mud puddles, bad weather, and poor parking places. As a result, the companies that offer auto insurance to our kind – the motorhead kind – recognize our good driving habits and reward us with lower rates. You may be pleasantly surprised at how little your vintage car insurance is when compared to what you pay for your daily driver.

Very Cool Rides will assist you in finding an insurance company that is right for your needs. For example, many companies have very restrictive driving limitations in return for low rates. This may be fine for a collector who keeps his cars in a museum, but would not work for the person who wants to drive his hot rod on a tour. An auto insurance company that expects you to drive less than 1000 miles a year, and then only in parades or at car shows would be of no value to that Good quality insurance companies recognize that we don’t drive our cars tens of thousands of miles a year, and offer less restrictive mileage limitations. Ask us about it. We will help you find a company that is right for you at no extra cost when you buy a ride from Very Cool Rides.


There are more than 50,000 trucking companies that offer some kind of auto transport. Most of them haul wrecks to junkyards, or new cars to dealers. Finding a good quality transport company for your rod or classic car can be a real hassle. We can help you find the best possible provider and most competitive rates because we deal with auto transporters every day. Whether you just need a mobile parking lot for a short haul, or enclosed, white glove service for your show vehicle, we are pleased to assist you in every transport need. Many of the vehicles we offer are purchased by international buyers who require transoceanic transport. We will make arrangements to get your vehicle to the port and in most cases, we can assist buyers in other countries by locating reliable, conscientious shipping agents to help with the ocean transport.

Some buyers don’t want to deal with transport service themselves. As part of our full service philosophy, we will handle transport for you. Ask us about prepaid transport within the United States. We will get any vehicle you purchase at Very Cool Rides delivered right to your doorstep by the best trucking companies in the business and we won’t add a dime to the price the trucking company charges. By offering the transporters volume business and cash in advance, we can negotiate the best delivery terms, so you get your ride fast.

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