Very Cool Rides offers for sale vehicles owned by private parties.  We do not buy and resell the vehicles in our inventory, so we do not know the state of vehicles as well as their owners do.  In many cases, the rides we represent are located all over the world as we have grown to be a trusted source for classic motorcars in the International marketplace.  Accordingly, we encourage potential buyers to get a comprehensive visual, mechanical, electrical, and driving preview before committing your hard earned cash to buy a car.


We have non-exclusive arrangements with a wide network of qualified independent inspectors throughout the United States, in Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia who will respond immediately to get you a complete report on the condition of any vehicle offered by Very Cool Rides.  If you are not able to actually see a vehicle prior to purchase, this service at small cost is a prudent step in the process of purchasing one of our Very Cool Rides.  Whether you order this service through this website or select your own inspection source, we recommend that buyers avail themselves of as much information as possible before buying a car.


The cost of this service is $200 USD.  Simply click the button at the bottom of the page to order an inspection.  Normally you will receive a report and photos within 5-7 business days.  If, for any reason, one of our certified inspection companies cannot provide this service, or if an inspector cannot be available at the time of the request, we will refund your inspection fee in full.

The inspection fee is non-refundable if the vehicle inspected is not purchased.




If you purchase the vehicle from Very Cool Rides after you receive an inspection report from one of our certified inspection services, the prepaid $200 fee will be credited toward your purchase – in other words, the inspection is FREE!  We are so confident of the quality of our vehicles we are glad to offer this free service.

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